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Find affordable materials to get wood flooring in your home today...

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Wood Floor: Tips, Advantages, and Types

A wood floor is one of the most diverse type of flooring. This is because the prices, designs and types of flooring are as many as a consumer would like to see. One of the things that makes wood flooring a top choice for homes is because it keep the home warm and easy to clean. So what is there to know before choosing this type of floor?

To begin with, there is a variety of wood flooring. The most common is the hardwood flooring which includes Apachilian Hardwood, Anderson Hardwood, Armstrong/Hartco Hardwood, Mirage Hardwood among others. There are other types of wood flooring like bamboo flooring which is made from bamboo. There is also cork flooring where floating cork panels are either pre-finished and are ready to install and there's there option to sand them down and finish them after installing. Cork flooring is used to make flooring which is most commonly found on campuses and in bank halls.

It is important to note that wood flooring for the main floor, any subsequent levels (like in double storied buildings) and the attic or basement use a differently finished flooring known as engineered wood. This is because higher-level floors need to be strong enough while those closest to the ground need to be well treated to avoid termite and mold attacks.

The advantages of a wood floor include the fact that they are easy to clean and maintain. Wood flooring can be simply swept or vacuumed and polished when it comes to cleaning. This type of floor can also be retouched and renovated simply by sanding it down and refinishing it. Homes with wooden floors have proven to be of higher value as they are more preferred by home buyers. They are health-friendly in that they are natural and those with allergic reactions will appreciate this kind of flooring. When it comes to home decor, wood can fit in with any kind of vintage or modern home look.

There are a few disadvantages of a wood floor. One of them is the fact that they are prone to moisture damage, which could lead to build-up of mold, bacteria and fungi which can be unhealthy for the residents. Purchase and installation of wood flooring as well as refinishing can be costly and this could be a disadvantage to those on a tight budget. It is also disadvantageous in that it cannot be used in all rooms of the house like the kitchen or the bathrooms which could be costly.

At the end of it all, choosing wooden flooring is a great look for the home, a natural option for those with allergies and it is also easy to look after.



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